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I help Leaders become better versions of themselves by enabling them to do more! get more! and be more! As a C Suiter, you have to thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment and you don’t need to do it alone. World champions and leaders in Business have realized the professional advantage a coach brings to the table in achieving transformational results. Coaching is a personalized program that has helped great leaders get better- Marc Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Alan Mullaly, Marc Benioff, Anand Mahindra etc, they have all benefited from having a Coach for themselves and their organizations. I am a Business and Leadership Coach and I work with organizations on achieving business results by helping Leaders handle Leadership behavioural challenges.

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Hello! Nice to see you here, My name is Jay Kumar Hariharan and I work with Ceo’s and their direct reports across organisations in India and SE Asia. I provide coaching interventions to create transformational Leadership practices that drive business results. I am a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) by International Coach Academy, Sydney. I am also a credentialed PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coach Federation). I specialize in strategic coaching interventions along with a multidisciplinary approach involving -Consulting, Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Employer branding etc. As a Leadership Coach with more than 1000 hours of coaching experience, I deliver One-on-One as well as Team Coaching interventions.

I have worked with The National Geographic, Zee Telefilms and The Indian Express in my nearly two-decade long work experience. In My last assignment, I was heading Sales and Business Development for The National Geographic Channel as Vice President for the Indian region. I have handled business development projects in Japan, Singapore and the MENA (Middle East North Africa) regions. My stint as a Sales and business Development Head with News Corp (A Fortune 300 company with a market cap of 75 Billion $) has given me a ring side perspective on Leadership challenges. I am a guest columnist for Business magazines on Leadership and Coaching and an empanelled speaker with leading speaker bureaus. I am committed to working with leaders at organizations be more Self Aware, help them to hack Leadership and Behavioural Challenges. As they say, an adventurer comes in all shapes, I am a certified Deep Sea Diver and a P1 level Para glider, I have bungeed off the highest point in the planet and am a recreational skydiver.

I would love to work with you and your leadership team to drive sustainable changes in behaviour and unlock potential to meet Business results.



A coach is your partner in your transformational journey,a professional who offers support to discuss possibilities and co-creating a plan to achieve what you want. He offers support for life changing decisions and challenges you to expand views and direction. He works with you over a series of coaching sessions that acknowledge and encourage your journey from Point A to Point B and works with you on the mindset, skillset and tool set needed to achieve your dreams.

Coaching is a personalized relationship that bridges the gap between “knowing” and “doing”. It perfectly complements Leadership development programs, training and mentoring programs to enhance individual and group potential. Read More


Coaching Culture Consultant

The fundamental premise is that Leaders create Culture and Culture drives results


Leadership Coaching

Have you seen hostility, conflicting goals, and unclear expectations within your leadership teams?


Captains to Coaches

This custom offering provides leaders the skills needed to coach people within an organization


Speaking Services and Media

I speak at Industry associations, conferences and seminars.

The Coffee Beans Sessions - When you shop for perfumes, you take a break and sniff coffee beans, this helps in a couple of ways.Your olfactory senses get a jolt by smelling something different and strong and secondly your perception of fragrances get better. My session serves the same purpose! Irrespective of the theme of the conference and the attendees, there are subjects that are extremely important to the audience,but does not have to be in the realm of the theme of the Conference I have spoken and conducted mini workshops for congregations of doctors,architects,CIO’s ,School Principals and also several industry associations.

The leadership ideas that I speak on and workshops that I conduct -
Leader as a Coach – How does Coaching help as a tool in your leadership toolbox? What are the biggest derailers in your behaviour and how can you set it right?

Leadership brand –What is your brand ?Who are your stakeholders? How can you change your brand –starting inward Influence –Tools and skills for better leadership.

What keeps you CEO awake at night and why is it important to you?-What are the people challenges that a CEO faces as a key leader-what can you do to help?

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Do More! Get more! Be more!

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