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Organisation Core Values

In my previous organisation at Nat Geo, We had a team that was working with CSR teams of various organisations and figuring out a way to communicate their brand message. We had the opportunity to present an organisation’s point of view in connection with the fragility of the ecosystem of the Olive Ridley turtles.

The partner organisation was bang in the middle of a spat between various stakeholders, political parties, NGO’s and employees.They were actively considering a way to document the reality of the situation by a credible third party entity, considering the fact that the Olive ridley turtles would come to a beach to nest that was close to their area of operation.

At the discussion stage, it was clear from their side that the intent was not to direct the information or content that would favour them, they were still interested in sponsoring an independent documentary from Nat GEO.

When this proposal reached the Headquarter of Nat Geo,they turned down an obviously lucrative business deal and said that that if the need arose to shoot a documentary on the same subject, Nat GEO would do it bearing all costs –They did not want to be seen as complicit in doing anything that would not be in line with the values that have been passed on-Truthful storytelling about a beautiful planet!

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