Customer service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the entire company

Do I know you?

As a Personal branding expert and student of leadership behaviour, love stories, so here goes -There was a sales guy who wanted to sell TV sets to an African village headman; this head man also had a storyteller as a part of his tribe.

So, the village head man says –My story teller knows a lot of stories and keeps me entertained, why should I buy this TV. The salesman replied that the TV knows a lot more stories than the Storyteller.

To which the Headman replied beamingly “ah, but my storyteller knows me”. When I started looking for stories of brand organizations that were obsessive with customer centricity –I came upon loads of warm reassuring stories –Let me begin with some of my favorites

When Tony Hsieh of Zappos would go out with his friends, they would call up the Zappo’s helpline and ask directions to the closest pizzeria, the customer rep would hang up, get the required data and call them back.

This was from the call centre agent of an online Shoe store! In addition to this, another thing about Zappos, unlike other call centre agents, the objective was not to hang-up on the client with a “barely there info” and success wasn’t measured on quick rotation of calls.

The longest call that was recorded reportedly went on for 10 hours!


The second story goes like this, Guy Kawasaki and Richard Branson were speaking at a conference and while they were waiting to be seated, Richard asked him about his preference of airline, Guy replied that he was a frequent flier on United and it would take a lot for him to change that.

As soon as he heard that, Richard went down on one knee and started polishing Guys shoes with his coat and asked him to consider Virgin!! And Guy says he has been a Virgin customer from then on. At first glance, this could look like one of Richard’s many stunts, and there have been some.

But, I would like to believe at the heart of it, Richard embodied the brand wanted Guy as a customer and that was it!
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