Executive Coach Jay Kumar Bangalore, India

I am an Executive Coach and a professional speaker – “What exactly is it you do?” is a question that pops up whenever I meet someone new or when I hand over my business card  and this is what I say “I help Senior Leaders become the best Versions of themselves” I help them do more, get more and eventually be more through Executive Coaching.

I help them navigate their Leadership journey across areas like Personal Branding, Executive presence, Storytelling, organization change and conflict management, Communication and stakeholder management.

Who is Executive coaching meant for?  It is meant for good leaders to become great! This is most effective at senior levels of leadership where their behaviour affects a huge number of stakeholders and hence is crucial to the organisation.

Executive coaching is a confidential and customised relationship that is contracted by a leader in an organisation and a coach”.


The best Leaders in various spheres – be it Business, Sport, Music have enlisted the help of a Coach!

They know whatever got them here will not take them further. Continuous learners with a will to change themselves and others around them seek out a Coach.

Coaching increases Leadership Self Awareness and unblocks potential. Increased Goal orientation, cutting through clutter, emotional strength, Increased resilience and of course ..less stress. It brings out the best in you and ensures sustained change.

Want the best in you

It brings out the best in you and ensures sustained change. Coaching is an extremely customised confidential one on one process and not a “sheep dip”. Coaching increases your ability to influence, unravel leadership paradoxes and connects the gap between “knowing” and “doing”A coach serves as a confidante, as a “sounding board” outside of the organization.

His or her listening ear provides a safe way for executives and entrepreneurs to voice their frustrations, explore their options, and talk through new courses of action.

Leadership coaching amplifies your impact and optimizes your opportunities for success. Visionary companies and professional partnerships now treat executive coaching as absolutely essential for key players — especially those in positions of strategic leadership and those who show great promise for the future.

Leadership coaching adds synergy and enlarges your options in a setting of confidentiality and collegial respect. Executive coaching helps you “rise to the occasion,” whether to pursue cherished dreams, to meet demanding challenges, to perfect critical skills, or to synchronize your life with your deepest values and passions.

Leadership coaching benefits people who are Entrepreneurs, Aspiring leaders, Professionals, Executives, Managers, and supervisors. In short, leaders at all stages of their careers.