Leadership Value Preposition – What’s yours?

Leadership Value Preposition

A Leadership Value Preposition is a short statement that clearly communicates the benefits that your stakeholders get by using your product, service or idea. It “boils down” all the complexity of your pitch into something that your stakeholder can easily grasp and remember.

It’s not enough just to describe the features or capabilities of your leadership style, your statement needs to be very specific. Your value proposition must focus closely on what your stakeholders really want and value.

Do they want a problem solver style, a collaborative growth-oriented style, an aggressive style to take on competition and get to market faster?

A value proposition is a useful technique that has a much wider application than just marketing your leadership, too. Whatever you are ‘selling’ and to whom, a value proposition is useful, if not essential.

Whether your ‘customers’ are external customers, employees, co-workers or even your family, the idea is to help them see the specific value your offer brings to them. And by doing so, you will grab their attention in such a way that they know: “Yes, that’s right for me”.

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