Professional Speaker – Coach Jay Kumar

I am a professional speaker empanelled with several national and international speaker bureaus’. I speak at Industry associations, conferences, and seminars.

The Coffee Beans Sessions

When you shop for perfumes, you take a break and sniff coffee beans, this helps in a couple of ways.Your olfactory senses get a jolt by smelling something different and strong and secondly, your perception of perfume fragrances get better.

My sessions serve the same purpose! Irrespective of the theme of the conference and the attendees, there are subjects that are extremely important to the audience, but does not have to be in the realm of the theme of the Conference.

I have spoken at diverse events and conferences right from Medical, hospitality, Banking, CIO Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurs etc.

The leadership ideas that I speak on and workshops that I conduct –

Brand YOU

What is your brand? Who are your stakeholders? How can you change your brand –starting inward Influence –Tools and skills for better leadership.

The CEO’s Dilemma

What keeps your CEO awake at night and why is it important to you? -What are the people challenges that a CEO faces as a key leader, what can you do to help?

Coach your way to Leadership

How does Coaching help as a tool in your leadership toolbox? What are the biggest derailers in your behaviour and how can you set it right?

Peak Performance

Powerful hacks to increase self-awareness and action to create a new you – starting inwards.

How to work a crowd like a Rockstar

The best hacks from different disciplines to unleash your best self on stage and command the crowd like a Pro!